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Isla Contadora

The Pearl Islands are the most exclusive islands of Panama's Pacific with a rich, opulent history of famous icons & celebrities vacationing here.

Isla Contadora is the only island in the archipelago with a developed tourist infrastructure. A prestigious destination, it caters to its wealthy residents and overseas tourists eager for a breathtakingly beautiful island vacation. Beaches are spectacular, the snorkeling is world class, and the island is a great jumping-off point for independent exploration of the archipelago.

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Below are the most common ways to visit our island.

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Sea Las Perlas Ferry

Sea las Perlas departs daily from Flamenco (the very end of Amador) at 7:30AM sharp and departs the island at 3:30PM.

The high speed ferry is approximately 1.5hrs and $98 per Adult roundtrip.

Reservations: (507) 391-1424 y 209-4010

Private Plane

Rates vary depending on group size and amount of luggage.

Choose your arrival or departure time

Super quick 17 minute flight

Saves Time

Breathtaking views of the Pearl Islands

Easy embark / disembark

Fly direct from our island to another nearby destination of your choosing

Contact our concierge team for a custom quote today. 

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Contadora Island, Pearl Islands, Panama

+507 6950-5003

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